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Experts in efficient electric heating

Heating isn’t just a perfunctory item in a home, it provides comfort and well-being as well as warmth. When it comes to electric heating solutions, we are the best in the market. Quite simply, we develop the systems that we would install into our own homes.

Specialists in low consumption cost effective electric heating systems since 1985, we are committed to research, innovation and quality. Our aim is to offer our customers an exceptional product that is technologically advanced and efficient. Discover our range of radiators, towel rails, digital water heaters and underfloor heating systems that are the most effective, sustainable and intelligent solutions on the heating market.

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100% Aluminium Radiator Design

The D-SERIES Radiators stand out among all other heating products on the market due to a new curved design, with frontal dissipation blades that permit natural air circulation, allows the radiator to reach the desired temperature in record time.

The D-SERIES Radiators boast important improvements in quality, replacing the older plastic fittings, as the sides of the radiator are finished with our new SLIM LINE ALUMINIUM material, with their patented Rointe anchoring system, guaranteeing visual continuity.

Direct, Instant Wi-Fi Communication without gateways

The link between the inbuilt Wi-Fi and E·Life technology makes the D Series the only radiator that does not need gateways or intermediate terminals to connect via the Internet using your home or office router with the Rointe Connect App.
The connection between this heating device and the E·life servers is established directly via WiFi, providing an immediate response capacity of 270 milliseconds. The changes you make in the App will be reflected instantly in your radiator!

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